SwanfieldLiving by Christina Svaneeng Mertz was established in 2014 and is based in Copenhagen.

As one of few interior design studios based in Denmark, the company works with many different types of projects depending on the client’s needs. Anything from luxury residentials, family homes to commercial and overseas projects.


The signature work of SwanfieldLiving always combine a creative and timeless approach with an elegance of classic style mixed with new contemporary interiors.

The team provides help with the development through drawings, presentations and cost estimates, coordinating the work of contractors.


SwanfieldLiving is responsible for planning the use and layout of the space, decorating with colour, bespoke furniture and fixtures.


‘’Together we work out budgets and timeframes so the client can feel relaxed and confident, trusting the work will be carried out to perfection within the timeframe and on budget’’

Christina and her team offers a highly personalized service, building strong client relationships, always tailoring their approach to meet each individual client’s needs.