SwanfieldLiving is drawing Zero houses

SwanfieldLiving has formed a collaboration with the Danish company Bozel, which offer houses that are very unique.

A design and building concept which offers the opportunity to get a different and individual low-energy house, a so-called Zero house.

SwanfieldLiving designs modern villas with an international touch, with the option of having a finished standard house or a specially designed house.
The houses will include bespoke furniture as well as the opportunity to choose between a vast selection of materials and textiles.
All in the exquisite signature style of SwanfieldLiving that will make every house feel and look unique.

Using the world as inspiration, a mix between both Scandinavian and international styles, their environmental considerations, as well as their mutual approach to a complete lifestyle concept, SwanfieldLiving and Bozel are the perfect collaborators.

For more information please contact: 

Christina Mertz at christina@swanfieldliving.dk or Frank Petersen +45 2993 5802